新西兰NZ BUILDING CODE于2021年11月1日开始,更变关于室内潮湿区域(厨房,浴室,洗手间,洗衣间)的地面安装材料使用要求。其中E3/A1第七号法案要求,潮湿区域允许使用的材料为以下三类:防水类卷材,低于6%渗水率瓷砖石材,水泥类地面。

SPC,WPC,PVC,LVT,Wood(实木),laminate(强化复合)被移除清单。但是NZ BULIDING CODE 依然允许使用以上产品,即需要替代方案,证明产品不透水易清理两种条件,原文如下:


“3.1.1 Floors

The following finishes to floors satisfy the performance for impervious and easily cleaned surfaces in spaces containing sanitary fixtures or sanitary appliances. In open-plan spaces this surface shall extend at least 1.5 m from all sanitary fixtures and sanitary appliances:

The requirement for impervious and Easily cleaned floor surfaces applies to spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and toilet facilities. This requirement applies regardless of whether containment is required by Paragraph 2.0.

a) Integrally waterproof sheet material (e.g. polyvinylchloride) with sealed joints and sealed or coved at edges where water splash may occur.

b) Ceramic or stone tiles having 6% maximum water absorption, waterproof grouted joints, and bedded with an adhesive specified by the tile manufacturer as being suitable for the tiles, substrate material, and the environment of use. Edges of the tiled area where water splash may occur must be sealed or coved, and tiles must be laid on the continuous impervious substrate or a membrane specified by the manufacturer as being suitable for the tiles, substrate material, and the environment of use.

c) A slab-on-grade concrete floor having a steel trowel or polished finish, sealed at edges where water splash may occur, when used in a domestic laundry within a garage, or in a building that contains only sanitary facilities.

Other floor finishes may also be capable of satisfying the performance for impervious and easily cleaned, if installed in a manner that prevents gaps or cracks within the finish and at any parts of its perimeter that are exposed to watersplash, and/or if the surface is sealed with a suitable durable coating. However such other finishes are outside the scope of this Acceptable Solution.

Water can penetrate behind or underfloor finishes in situations where water splash occurs regularly (such as around shower enclosures or the fronts of built-in baths), unless these edges are sealed or coved.

Domestic laundries in garages, and buildings containing only sanitary facilities, are spaces where the consequences of any small imperfections (such as microcracking) in the imperviousness of a concrete floor are minimal and compliance with NZBC Clause E3 Internal moisture can still be demonstrated.”

                                                                                             —By E3/AS1 2nd edition, Amendment 7 page 16.


FLOORCO地板的绝大多数产品满足NZ BULIDING CODE的要求,其中包含漆面的实木地板,树脂表面的强化复合地板,SPC的PVC表面。并且FLOORCO产品已经进行了相应的产品测试对产品进行佐证,证明绝大多数产品表面具有不透水性,符合NZ BULIDING CODE的要求。对于我们的客户可以提供渗水报告,符合要求的产品如下:


Type 类型Water Impermeability 不透水
lacquered Timber& Wood flooring 漆面实木地板Yes 是的
Laminate flooring 强化复合地板Yes 是的
SPC flooring SPC防水地板Yes 是的






本公司从2015年开始销售地板,多年来服务超过数万个项目,其中生产方的同产品在海外销售也长达 30年以上,并未收到表面渗水及清洁的投诉。在新西兰,FLOORCO的产品多年来一直表现良好并且受到极好的评价。



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