AN08 boutique wood flooring-Norana Ave, Remuera

“Antico boutique real wood flooring is best one of New Zealand hardwood flooring. ” – Home owner

The cider is light brown, one of the classic colors. It’s the basic tone in life, its relatively uniform color conveys simplicity and reliability. Light brown flooring makes people feel warmer and reliable. It’s not bright enough, and it’s easier to use bright colors to reflect its beauty. Larger houses are more suitable for light brown color, making the room warmer.

The handmade relief craft is very complicated. It is often confused with the floor brushed process, but the handmade relief is more delicate. The smooth visual feeling, the more delicate touch, and the remaining signs on the surface of the carving marks all highlight its uniqueness.

The brown floor color matches the white tone color, making the space bright. It also improves the brightness of the kitchen, making it less dark. The collocation of the greenery and the local light color lets a bright person.

boutique real wood flooring , New Zealand hardwood flooring.

The choice of a white wall can have home decor look very simple and elegant so that the interior daylighting condition is better. It matches the color of the floor perfectly. It creates a comfortable and broad sense of space, giving people a soft, elegant, and peaceful feeling. The overall style is light elegant, quiet, and stable.

The sliding door allows the room to be brighter; border colors match the floor, lines are simple and atmospheric. The bright interior matches well with the floor. Warm color lights make the interior look softer and warmer at night.

boutique real wood flooring , New Zealand hardwood flooring.

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