Gold Reducer-trim

Flooring Trim | Floorco Accessories  | 2700mm | Gold

Product thickness: 22 mm | Aluminum  |

Product code: Reducer-Trim


Flooring accessories Reducer Transition flat trim wood.

Flooring accessories reducer Transition two different floor heights, door bars, and edges are good for covering. A great trim and edge protection which provides a smooth transition from tiled floors to lower floor. Is a product suitable for use as an attractive laminate/wood/SPC flooring edge used when the carpet finishes over vinyl or in a situation where there is no flooring, i.e., If the laminate/wood/SPC flooring ends on floorboards, this situation may occur on a staircase landing where the flooring runs alongside an open balustrade? The flooring accessories reducer trim will give you an attractive, clean finish to your flooring in these situations.

Although many people think that metal strips are inferior to wood strips and plastic strips in terms of aesthetics, the practicability and durability of metal strips are far more than the above two. And the unique anti-skid pattern of the metal strip makes its anti-skid degree reach the highest, which means more increased safety. And the beauty of the wooden edge strip is far more than that of the metal strip. During the flooring installation process, finishing trim, extrusions, trims, and stairs accessories or underlayment, used for all types of flooring, including SPC, laminate, and engineered wood flooring. The purpose of the accessories is to cover up cut imperfections and extrusions or stairs. The aluminum transitions are efficient and are ideal for commercial and domestic applications.

Flooring accessories Transition laminate/wood flat trim


Installation type:Nailing
SPC flooring:yes
WPC flooring/LVT flooring:yes
Laminate flooring:yes
Engineered flooring:yes
Stairs edge:yes
Sliding Door:no
Ceiling window:no