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Big size 12mm longboard Krono laminate flooring, buy-in Auckland, New Zealand.


Class 33/AC5

Texture RF

In Authentic Embossed products, the surface structure is synchronously embossed on the decor structure below it – for authenticity, you can see and feel and a structure you can touch. The textures also feature multi-gloss effects that emphasize the depth of the structures.

We have all experienced the jolt of static shock when simply touching a door handle or electronic device, and it is always very unpleasant – but now it is a thing of the past. The long-lasting anti-static finish incorporated into KRONO elegant designer flooring provides complete protection against unpleasant shocks. What is more, the flooring is dust and dirt-repellent, making it easy to clean. 

12mm laminate flooring New Zealand

Inspired by nature, KRONO’s elegant designer flooring embodies beauty, grace, and charm, boasting a perfectly coordinated design and surfaces for a truly authentic look and feel.

Life leaves its traces, but not on the KRONO elegant designer flooring. Thanks to its durable, high-performance Protect 5 and 6 coatings, your floor will be well-protected against fine scratches, dirt, and abrasions. 
Even stubborn liquids such as oil, wine, or coffee can be easily wiped away and will not be absorbed by the durable flooring surface. A hard HDF core and thicknesses of 12 or 14 mm protect the KRONO elegant designer flooring against mechanical damage and indentations. By DIN EN 13329:2016/08, Protect 5 corresponds to abrasion class AC5, while Protect 6 corresponds to abrasion class AC5. 

 laminate flooring 12mm

Our flooring’s beveled edges add depth and authenticity
to laying patterns for that much-loved traditional floorboard effect. KRONO elegant designer flooring with four-sided v-grooves offers an intriguing fusion of tradition, functionality, and modernity – down-to-earth elegance for your home!

Thanks to our low-warp Hydrprotect core boards and the 1clic 2go pure system, KRONO elegant designer flooring is better protected against water than other conventional laminates.

krono 12mm longboard laminate flooring new Zealand

The wood for all KRONO elegant designer flooring is sourced from sustainably managed forests. In addition, the entire manufacturing process is certified and monitored by independent experts.

Enjoy the 100% guarantee provided by multi-patent protection for all of our products! In addition to our Krono flooring patents, our multipotent indemnity certificate guarantees comprehensive protections worldwide. This includes assured, unrestricted product use of the glue-free click system for trade customers. 

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Krono longboard 12mm laminate flooring big size product, buy in Auckland, New Zealand.

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