Mount Lendenfeld Gery Matt Tiles – 62031M

Tiles | Wall & Floor Tiles  | 600 x 600 mm | Porcelain

Product thickness: 9.5 mm | Matt

Product code: 62031M

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Mount Lendenfeld Gery Matt Tiles

Introducing our premium 600×600 mm porcelain tiles, a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal for your architectural needs. With a versatile light grey tone and subtle textural variations, these tiles offer a contemporary canvas for both walls and floors across diverse spaces.

Crafted from high-grade porcelain, these tiles are not only durable but also bear a timeless elegance. The uniform size ensures a cohesive look, with the large tile format contributing to an expansive feel within any room. It’s an ideal solution for bringing a sense of openness to smaller areas or for adding a refined touch to larger spaces.

The matte finish of these tiles is carefully selected to provide a non-slip surface, making them a practical option for flooring in high-moisture and high-traffic areas. Whether gracing the floors of a bustling kitchen or the walls of a serene bathroom, they maintain their integrity against the daily wear and tear.

These tiles are remarkably low maintenance; they don’t harbor dust or allergens and are easy to clean, requiring only simple care to retain their beauty. This makes them as practical for busy commercial settings as they are for the tranquility of a home.

Each 600×600 mm tile is precision-engineered to lay down with tight grout lines, giving your space a modern, seamless look. The cool grey shade is incredibly adaptive, capable of complementing bold color schemes or creating a muted backdrop for minimalist designs.

By choosing our 600×600 mm porcelain tiles, you opt for a floor-and-wall solution that combines the sleek look of fine ceramics with the enduring strength of stone. Create a foundation of understated elegance and practicality with these exquisite tiles.

Mount Lendenfeld Gery Matt Tiles


Width600mm ***
Length600mm ***
Thickness 9.5mm ***
Antislip Rating P4
Weight 25 kg
m2 Per pack 1.44
Tiles Per Pack 4
Origin China
SuitablityFLOOR & WALL
***That dimensions may vary slightly by batch

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