Krono-5953 laminate flooring Chantilly Oak

Laminate flooring | Krono original Vintage Classic| 1285 x 192 mm |

Product thickness: 10 mm | Historic Oak surface |

Product code: VC5953

Building Performance


Vintage Krono laminate prime flooring, Krono original

A tasteful fusion of old and new.  Krono Original® Vintage Classic flooring provides the perfect foundation for a thrilling juxtaposition of tradition and modernity.

Krono Original® laminate floors are:
1.Robust: Impact, shock, and pressure-resistant. Scratch and abrasion-resistant due to its especially hard surface finish.
2.Durable: concentrated single loads from furniture or other heavy objects will not damage Krono Original® laminate flooring, and normally no pressure marks remain.
3.Heat-proof: Krono Original® laminate flooring is flame resistant.
4.Light-fast: Krono Original® laminate flooring will not discolour or fade from direct exposure to sunlight – our flooring is UV light resistant.
5.Natural: Krono Original  laminates are made from 90 per cent wood, which is sourced from sustainable forestry practices.
6.Easy to install: quickly and easily thanks to the Krono Original® Twin Clic System and the 1clic 2go pure System.
7.Multi-Patent Indemnity: enjoy the guarantee provided by multi-patent protection for all of our products and unlimited product use in the adhesive-free click systems.
8.Anti-allergy: dust, dander and hair have no place to hide.
9.Conveys heat: suitable for warm water underfloor heating systems
10.Long-lasting: length of life for laminate flooring in a living room is 15 to 20 years
11.Integrated Aqua Stop System: Waterproofed HDF (high density fibreboard) base provides the highest core protection
12.Perfect and natural-looking laying pattern: Extra-long panel end pieces (min. 12 cm) to avoid the appearance of a bothersome “building block” look.
13.Perfect fitting accuracy: thanks to high-tech production, invisible joints guarantee protection against moisture and dirt, an accurate fit and a natural laying pattern.

Vintage Krono laminate prime flooring



Installation type:1clic2go pure
Plank design:1-strip wide plank
Surface texture:Oak surface
Profile connection:DropDown
Plank format:1285 x 192 mm
Product thickness: 10 mm
Utilization class:Utilization class 23 | Heavy-duty use in the domestic area
Utilization class 32 | Heavy-duty use in the commercial sector
Abrasion classAC4
Package content: 1,727 sqm
Pack weight: 13.3KG
Reaction to fire:Cfl-s1
Pack cubic meter:0.018m3
Collection variant: Vintage Classic
Application areas: Living room
Bed room
Light commercial
Kitchen* E3/AS1
Installation method Floating

Krono original

Buy laminate flooring for that all-round feel-good sensation

Laminate is an ideal alternative to genuine wooden floors. In the world of Krono Original® laminate flooring, you will find a wide selection of wonderful decors, with an emphasis on the natural look. Laminate has many advantages: it is durable, hard-wearing, and creates a comfortable, feel-good atmosphere in your home.

Quality from Krono Original® laminate flooring

Krono Original® places the emphasis, above all, on achieving a natural look in the production of laminate flooring. Intensive colouring, natural-looking surface structures, a particular brilliance and a feel like real wood make this laminate really stand out. See for yourself: find out more about our broadly diversified range of laminate flooring.

The advantages of a laminate floor at a glance

  • hard-wearing: laminate is resistant to impacts, shocks, pressure, scratches and abrasion
  • durable and tough: lifetimes of 15 to 30 years.
  • heat-resistant: Krono Original® laminate floors are flame retardant.
  • lightfast: no discolouration when exposed to sunlight – laminate is resistant to UV light.
  • natural: 90% of our laminate flooring is made of sustainable wood.
  • allergy-friendly: with a laminate floor, there is no hiding-place for dust and hairs.
  • compatible with your heating: our laminate is suitable for hot-water heating and underfloor heating.
  • easy to lay: fast and straightforward laying thanks to the Krono Original® 1clic2go system.

Laminate, for that perfect feel-good sensation

You should feel good in your own home, and that is what Krono Original® delivers: our laminate flooring fits in everywhere, making your home a welcoming space to be in, with an elegant or rustic feel depending on the flooring decor. Whether it is a relaxed family get-together, coffee with friends, or a full-on party, a Krono Original® laminate floor is the perfect flooring for any occasion!

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