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We have joined the Kidscan supporter community.

Because of supply chain issues of the world, we provided another 1000 sqm warehouse to stock more flooring products in Auckland, New Zealand. Very lucky this warehouse at only one minute away from our trading Centre.

We experienced Auckland lockdown in 2021. The big issues are ocean freight and product price huge increase, But FLOORCO controls the price increase within 15%. 2021’s Our team supports services to 4,170 homeowners.


2020 is a worrying year. We have experienced lockdowns, the chaos of ocean freight, and production. But this year, the FLOORCO team had a difficult time supporting each other. We provided services to more than 4,000 homeowners.
Thanks to each of our clients and team.

We are moved to Mt wellington. The new unit has a 1100sqm warehouse and a 250sqm showroom. That means more stock and more flooring choices.

COVID-19 case reported in New Zealand. Floorco Management team Train employees to protect themselves from COVID-19. Use Mask and Keep a distance from others as much as possible, at least 2 meters. If unwell should be stopped work immediately. Employees Safety is first!

2019 flooring specialist

As of 31 December 2019, Floorco had provided flooring products and services for over 12,000 house owners in New Zealand. Our range of products have been recognized both within and outside the industry.

November 2019 – We created a new laminate flooring brand – STEPCASA.

Until September 2019, Floorco had been participating in Auckland Home Show for four consecutive years, continuously promoting and popularizing its self-owned brands and agency brands, and has gained a wide appreciation from the users.

April 2019 – Join hands with the well-known brand BARLINEK, who is the world’s largest manufacturer of Engineered wood flooring, to deliver superior products to more New Zealanders.

January 2019 – We opened the Flooring Design Centre in Birkenhead, Auckland. It shows the latest flooring products to the customers and provides superior service.

Floorco is Wood,laminate,SPC flooring specialist

2018 oak wood

September 2018 – Floorco brought two Germany brands to the Auckland Home Show.

April 2018 – Floorco introduced the new SPC waterproof flooring collection into the New Zealand market.

March 2018, Floorco has won the favor of KRONOSPAN, the world’s largest manufacturer of laminate flooring, successfully represented its brand of KRONO ORIGINAL. At the same time, Floorco has also been licensed by WINEO, another German local flooring manufacturer, and its WINEO500 range arrived in Auckland in July.

2017 wood flooring

September 2017 – Achieved great success in the Auckland Home Show. It successfully promoted and popularized the brand of Antico and Laminate flooring products.

June 2017 – The first batch of Laminate flooring products arrived at the port of Auckland. It means that Floorco would include a wider range of products to meet the needs of New Zealand market.

January 2017 – Floorco obtained the authority of agency from ANTICO HANDCRAFTED flooring. Its new product range was launched in Auckland in April 2017. ANTICO is a high-end product that is completely hand crafted and has a texture that is completely different from that of mechanical production. ANTICO’s handcrafted flooring is required to sold on a limited basis, with a maximum annual sales volume of 5,750 square meters in the New Zealand market.

2016 spc flooring

September 2016 –We are participated in the Auckland Home Show. This was the first time that Floorco participated in a large-scale flooring product exhibition. During this time, Floorco promoted the brand of ATWOOD FLOORS and gained attention from the customers.

January 2016 – Floorco’s own brand – ATWOOD FLOORS ENGINEERED WOOD series products – arrived in New Zealand. This is the first step in Floorco’s brand strategy. Floorco developed a cost-effective market positioning for ATWOOD FLOORS.

2015 laminate flooring

In September 2015,  First batch of goods arrived at the port of Auckland. All products were sold out by the end of October due to the excellent quality and low price.

Floorco was founded in New Zealand in May 2015. The founder Terry Shi has years of experience in the flooring industry. With over 30 years of flooring production experiences of the founder’s family, Floorco has very strong relationship and wholehearted support from a number of flooring manufacturers.

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