Fashion Classic

fashion classic hardwood engineered flooring

Atwood floors means this floor is perfect for all kinds of design scheme. From more traditional, natural looking stys to more contemporary.

they use a natural board with knots, cracks and fillings, making eery installation of this floor completely unique.

the variation between the boards adds character and life to your floor, so it;s sure to like a statement in any room.

The boards are installed with unfit locking system, making this floor super DIY friendly and a perfect project for your home.

Engineered wood flooring, Fashion Antiqued Collection, Fashion plus collections and Fashion classic. We are inspired by the latest global flooring trends and the latest fashion. In these collections, there are three kinds of finished, including lacquered finished, oiled finished and deep brushed

“We are has a deep feeling for beauty in flooring products. We love wood flooring because is wonderful things.”

We have perfected atwood floors elegant designer flooring for people who share our passion for innovation, quality and an individual lifestyle – with zero compromises.

Atwood floors elegant designer flooring is made from a combination of synthetic resin and natural wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Measuring a robust 190mm or 150mm wide, Atwood floors fashion classic has been designed to handle the various stresses of daily life, while also meeting your personal aesthetic needs in terms of both design and functionality. the premium flooring features offers impressive durability and has been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that it meets international quality standards.
We therefore offer a comprehensive 25-year guarantee.

fashion classic hardwood engineered flooring

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