Atwood SPC石塑地板


第四代 – SPC石塑地板 最适合家庭的材料

SPC是由英文Stone Plastic Composites首字母缩写而来,中文译为石塑复合材料,人们通常常称之石塑地板,是国外非常流行的一种新型复合地板,SPC地板主要以钙粉为原材料,经过塑化挤出片材,由SPC高分子基材层、PUR晶盾透明层、耐磨层、彩膜装饰层、柔软静音的回弹层构成。










On the other hand,they are similar to WPC or LVT vinyl planks, but it is more stable and more suitable for commercial.

Firstly,this product is 100% waterproof core. Choose waterproof product that will be no worry with water or any of stain.

Secondly,this is formaldehyde free.

Most importantly,they are very easy to install.It can laid on a concrete,ceramic or wood floorboard.

Why choose us?

  • composite material – save your life
  • 25 color design – from natural to creative
  • two collections – commercial and residential
  • easy to install – gluing or floating
  • simple to cut – Cutter knife
  • New Zealand lowest price

Most flooring anti slip rating between R9 to R11. The number of R rating the better it is in slip resistant. We are supply higher slip ranting spc flooring.

Commercial grade Installing high R rated Stone Polymer Composite flooring in a company or organization will also help to ensure compliance of occupational health and safety management by reducing the chances of slip and fall.

 Spc Stone Polymer Composite flooring, waterproof  vinyl planks Rigid Core

SPC Floor, standing for Stone Plastic Composite, is made from Stone powder(Calcium Carbonate), PVC resin and other chemical materials, which are all mixted based on scientific ratio and online extrusion into virgin board  for floor making.

Stone Plastic Composite Vinyl Flooring stands for stone plastic composite vinyl flooring.also known as Stone Plastic Composite is the innovative new flooring which possesses the natural look of marble or stone. It’s a modern version of vinyl plank flooring.

Its waterproof, environmentally friendly, and durable as it is resistant to wear and tear. On top of this, it comes in various exciting colors and patterns. Similar to WPC vinyl, an Stone Plastic Composite vinyl is an engineered luxury vinyl that combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core.

An Stone Plastic Composite vinyl floor is still 100% waterproof, but more wear resistant ,anti frade. adds stability, dent resistance.

— Stone powder (Calcium Carbonate) : filling material used to increase hardness and stability

— Stabilizer : used to avoid carbonization of plastic during the processing.

— Foaming agent

— Foaming adjustment agent

— Lubrication agent

— Coloration

Why Choose SPC Flooring (Stone Plastic Composite)?
In addition to being incredibly durable and stable once installed, SPC is extremely easy to install. These vinyl tiles can be installed on a range of different flooring options, including concrete and ceramic surfaces. If you’re looking for convenience, a stunning design and long-term durability, SPC flooring is the perfect option for you.

In addition to the practical benefits, Stone Plastic Composite is also completely formaldehyde free. That means it is a completely safe flooring option for residential and public use. Whether you’re looking to equip your home or business with industry-leading flooring,Stone Plastic Composite vinyl flooring is a great choice.


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